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i just love you guys being fashionable

hai korang-korang. sorry, tengah sibuk edit blogger. oh yah update kali ni nak ceritakan tentan seorang rakan blogshop. he's one of my schoolmate. the guys that wearing spec is the owner of the RANDOM-RANDOM AWESOME BLOGSHOP. awesome takk ? ok before that nak tahu apa yang random awesome jual ? baca ni :

"We gathered most of our lifetime saving to brought you guys the finest garments which hold the attitude, fun, loving and sexy act. Now we are proudly presents to you: RANDOM AWESOME <3 Established in Kuala LUMPUR, 2011. Random awesome has trendsetter male and female with trendy tees, jacket, skirt, shawl, shoes and accessories that feature everything from youth culture. We are a street brand with a strong trendy attitude, we grab bits and piece from the past and translate it into a forward driving fashion passion for the present. We walk, we talk, we breathe, we are driven by you and the guest go making an easy. Going fashion for whatever the occasion."

so dah tau kan.
mari stalk kejap.

random awesome juga ada menjual camera vintage dengan harga
yang berpatutan.

vintage t-shirt with awesome design....

heels and shoes for male and female :D

so sesiapa yang mahukan kelainan dan more to fashion , you guys should buy this awesome stuff plus the prize is very affordable. what you waiting for girls/guys grab it now only at RANDOM-RANDOM AWESOME BLOGSHOP. (clik there)

----->i won't get anything to promote this blog, i just love
girls/guys are being fashionable. that's all<----


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