count ! count !

i learn from her :)

sis badiah lai lagi cantik la.... :)

assalamualaikummmm..... :)
okeyh, syila hari ni dah cool sikit bcoz i know i'm at the right track ! orang yang salah selalu tak tenang kan ? okeyh memandangkan ramai nasihat kan syila suruh BE COOL je, so i should listen to the.
thankz guys , thankz readers, thankz strangers, even i do not knw you guys, but you guys still support me, thankz a lot. well korang cakap biar la die cakap pasal ko sampai mati, biar la die kutuk ko sampai mati, dia yang dosa.
okeyh. so skarang syila akan sit here queitly and just let the BACKSTABBER do whatever she like kan ? kan ? kan?
well, as usual , i will open up my blog and check my blogger, then i saw sis badiah lai kat situ, like kata2 semangat :) so antaranya ialah :

kenapa nak susah2 pasal org lain? your what you are..
if u dont know what u are..find out..
dont wasting your time to find out about others..
it wont make u wont make u wont make u rich..


sometimes saya penat jadi baik dan pemaaf..
if u treat me nice..i'll treat u nicer..
if u treat me bad
i'll treat u worst..

actually sis, the same thing goes to me, and sometime it feel freaking bad. what more can i do, just see them talk rubbish thing about me. and guess what, i learn so many thing in your post sis :)

agak memberikan kebenaran kepada saya. so yah thankz again sis at least you OPEN MY DUMP EYES :)

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