count ! count !

oh god ! my ankle ?!

for the third days working i thought that was okey la but suddenly i fell from chair while i was "angkat barang yg sangat berat" haha. after three day then my ankle suddenly fell so pain (morning) so my father took me to hospital dengan segera. biasalah, doing x-tray , and about three hours later the result came out.
doctor call me and he said "alhamdulilah tak ade apa2 , cuma terseliuh" fuhh... lega rasanya.
so to all yang cares about me , dan yang sanggup telefon me early morning tadi , thankz a lot friend. thank you for cares about me. haha.. jangan risau saya pasti makan ubat untuk pulihkan balik. dun worry okeyh. that's all. gud nite readers :D

i'm getting better :)

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