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bila dah mula berkerja

ade jugak lah orang yang kata "syila you are so arrogant, didn't call me or text me for two weeks !" siapalah manusia tu kan. aish.. hahaha... btw just wanna inform you guys and all the readers that I'M WORKING NOW ! haha.. sowry i don't have enough time to text or call you guys. but i know you guys can understand me rite ? woahh... soalan lazimnya "kenapa kerja syila". for your information , at first my mom x bagi keje becoz , .... yah... bahaya an ? but syila keje just nk cari pengalaman. at least i'm the first among yang tak ada experience tu. BTW , so far oklah.. i fell okay by doing my work. happy even a little bit tired. hehe :D tapi yang tak syoknya bila tak dapat online ah. balik dah getting tired and straightly go to bed.. okok. mau tido dulu. oh yah btw ade yang tanya pasal what happen with my ankle ? haha , nnt syila cerita for the next post okeyh.
good nite readers :D

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