count ! count !

so many thing to share.

dear blog,
today I have a lot of story to tell you.
hahah... so exiting..
oh yah.. first of all i interested to talk about my brother wedding. such a wonderfull day dude. i can't ever forget about it. tahnkz to faizul,aliah,fazera,danny,azim,alif n zurina for coming. i really happy to see you guys happy.
the day such a very meaningfull for me. i dress like a....
wearing a high heel. never ever thougt to wearing it. hahaha.. another thing is i make-up tau.
yah2x!! ok. wedding is untill a midnight, n of coz i really tired. but i'm happy. GAMBAR! really sowry. x dpt nk upload lagi coz my brother x der dkt umah. n yah i promise A.S.A.P i upload gambar. kalo adew bout gambar ke i will update at here ok. ok blogger. that's is. my head is spining n i had to shut my laptop down. da..
miss blogger so much. ;)

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