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my second idol after Archie

A new star was born. there it is, Justin Bieber was born March 14, 1994 and grew up in Setratford, Ontario, Canada. At the age of 12 he entered a local singing competition against others who had significantly more experience and the benefit of vocal coaches. Justin Bieber came in second place. To share his success and talent with family members, he began posting videos of his performances on YouTube. Visitors to the site began subscribing to Justin Bieber's videos, and he ended up with over 10 million views of his performances.
many people don't like him coz of his voice. yah first time i heard his voice like a gurl. but you guys should go to you tube and listen his live perfomance. aiyok! very damn sedap. if you guys doesn't like him just keep your mouth shut up.
continue,When Justin Bieber was just 13, his future manager Scooter Braun, a former marketing executive for So So Def, discovered him. Just seven months after Bieber began uploading the videos to YouTube, he was flown to Atlanta to meet superstar R&B singer Usher. He also ended up meeting with Justin Timberland who was another star with an interest in signing Justin Bieber to a contract.In October 2008 Justin Bieber took the deal offered by Usher and signed to Island Records. He says that it was simply the best deal and Usher was backed up by label exec L.A. Reid. Justin Bieber headed into the studio to begin recording his debut album My World with backup vocals from Usher on at least one track.
untill now he delivered his new single, baby. when i got time, i'll show u his video ok!

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