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i open my eyes this day, hope this gonna be a very happy day for me. yah like mrs. Charanjit teach us. always choose to be in a good mood. so i choose it. but life.. nobody know what gonna happen soon, tomorrow, next week, n etc. as usual my saturday is a day for me. all of the week. i'm waiting 4 saturday. n yah finally saturday was coming.
i do my h/wrk first then only i think about my cuti-cuti. tergerak hati nk bukak phone. so bukalah 15 misscalled, 12 message. (mcm biasalah) suddenlly adew one
message blank n i don't know who sent it to me.( no pun x kenal) so reply back n ask "who R U?" after 2 hours only die reply.
" saya rindu awak. " n i said " kamu mgkn salah org. maaf saya x knl kamu. sampai dcni jerlah msj kite. salam sejahtera. harap bertemu org yg awk cari."
after 40 minutes later die reply back " syila jgn mcm nie". hello n of coz i terkejut. (dah la balas msj lmbt n tetiba lak kata sayang. huh! comfirm sewel.) rupa2 nya that person kila!! u mmg jahat an! suka kaco i !! papew pun die sudah bg mornink ku indah. love kila.

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